X-Pole Presents Michigan Pole Dance, Aerial & Vaudeville Fest w/ Hedo II

Michigan Pole Dance and Aerial, Vaudeville Arts Festival 3/24/12

 X-Pole Presents: Michigan Pole Dance, Aerial & Vaudeville Arts Festival w/ Hedo II


Mark your calendars and join us for an amazing 12 hour event!  

3 Themed Showcases featuring pole, aerial, burlesque, acro and more!

Belly Dance Workshops

Burlesque Workshops

Sexy Floor Workshop

Vendor Fair

Hoop Taping

Pastie Making

Bling Your Shoes



Studio of the year

This year we will be giving out the award of all awards...Studio Of The Year.  Each and every studio in Michigan and BEYOND is nominated for this award.

Who wins?  The studio with the most amount of festival attendees wins!  That's all you have to do!  Studios will have the opportunity to sell tickets at their studio - that's going to help you win!  Studio's will also be given a code for their students to use online too!

Need cheap bling for your studio to show your pride at the festival?  Thank you Jessica Reynolds, Pole Addiction, for this great link!